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Hakyemez Import - Export - Consultancy

Hakyemez  Import Export Consultancy specialized in Hazelnut, Nut Roasting&Processing Machines, Packaging Machines, and Beekeeping Machines&Equipments

Hakyemez provide international commercial relations, promote recognition of products and increase foreign trade potential of Turkish manufacturers to become well known, prestigious, effective and leading company in the World.

 In addition, Hakyemez manage manufacture’s international business, customer relations correspondance, marketing, agreement, document, logistic, custom and bank procedures as their Foreign Trade Department.

Germany, Portugal, Austria, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Vietnam, China, Egypt, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Slovenia, Crotia, Czech Rep., Costa Rica, Mexica, Chile, Romania, Myanmar, Libya exported by manufacturers which foreign trage manage by Hakyemez  

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